Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters is a fellowship of professional artists living throughout the United States whose primary working method is to take their easels out of doors and work from direct, on-location observation of their subjects.

RMPAP’s mission is to increase public awareness and enthusiasm for plein air painting within the Rocky Mountain Region, to emphasize the significance of plein air painting in the American art tradition, and contribute to the collective enrichment of that tradition through events that welcome artists, art enthusiasts, and the general public, and offer them opportunities to see and learn about the artistic process and enjoy its products.

The guiding principle of the group, around which it was originally formed in 2001, is to create a collegial atmosphere among members that fosters camaraderie, friendship, and professional development, and to offer opportunities for members to share their skills and their passion for plein air painting with each other and with the public through the organization of paint-outs and annual exhibitions.